Women's Pipeline for Change

  • MA

About Us

The Women’s Pipeline for Change is an innovative coalition that is building a sustainable infrastructure to support progressive women of color as they enter, navigate and move up the pipeline of public leadership in Massachusetts. The Pipeline is the only organization or vehicle exclusively focused on understanding, building and supporting the leadership of progressive women of color in Massachusetts by connecting and complementing current organizations and resources. The Pipeline’s board is comprised of exceptional women of color leaders, women of color-led organizations and allies representing a wide range of fields, skills and backgrounds, from community organizations, political organizing, and advocacy, to academia and research, training, and leadership development.

Since 2009, the Women’s Pipeline for Change coalition has explored the major inspirations and barriers, challenges, opportunities and resources available to women of color in public leadership and confronted dynamics of race, power and privilege. It has also implemented a research fellowship initiative for women of color leaders in partnership with the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at UMass Boston.

At present, the Pipeline is focused on building organizational and coalition capacity to address systemic gaps that hinder women of color leadership across the Commonwealth and continuing to build a supportive network for women of color in public leadership.