Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues

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About Us

Members of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues, a coalition of North American Jewish organizations, foundations and private philanthropists, are committed to the welfare of Israel and support the Jewish state’s right to a secure and peaceful existence. Members of the Task Force are proud of the democratic, sovereign state of the Jewish people and support Israel’s Declaration of Independence including the article that promises social and political equality for all its inhabitants, Jews and Arabs alike.

The Task Force exists to create greater coordination within and maximum impact of the organized Jewish community. Task Force activities will include informing the American Jewish community on majority/minority relations in Israel; increasing awareness of economic, educational and social service weaknesses facing Israeli Arab communities and, in certain cases, leveraging financial resources to provide effective solutions; supporting Task Force members with a mandate to advocate on behalf of civic equality and working with Israeli organizations to strengthen civil society activity including the strengthening of Jewish and Arab leadership.