The Annie Tinker Association for Women

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217 East 70th Street
New York
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About Us

For more than 85 years, the main objective of the Annie Tinker Association for Women has been to provide financial assistance to elderly retired working women so that they may remain independent in their homes and continue to be involved community members. Ms. Tinker’s original concern about the well-being of retired women, without the benefit of pension or savings, remains very valid in the 21st Century.

The mission of The Association is implemented by providing monthly stipends to retired, professional women when their monthly income and savings do not cover the expense of remaining in their homes and continuing to be active members of the community. Through the Beneficiaries Manager, The Association maintains a continuing relationship with each beneficiary to monitor her financial situation and assess her needs on an on-going basis. If needed, beneficiaries may be referred to additional appropriate social service or other programs to help meet their evolving needs. In addition, The Association facilitates interaction between the beneficiaries through teas, gatherings, sewing circles, etc., thereby promoting their social connectedness and community involvement.

To be considered as potential beneficiary, a woman must meet established objective criteria. Such criteria includes: (1) the candidate must have worked in the arts, business, or another profession; (2) the candidate must be over 65 years of age and be mentally, physically and emotionally capable of living independently, or over 55 and disabled; (3) the candidate’s necessary living expenses exceed her income (such expenses may include food, shelter, reasonable health care, clothing, etc.) While there is no geographical restriction, most candidates live in the metropolitan New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut area.

Beneficiary recommendations are encouraged by sponsors within community organizations and religious institutions serving the elderly. All decisions concerning eligibility of prospective beneficiaries, and the amount of the stipend, are initiated by a subcommittee of Trustees and the Beneficiaries Manager. Positive subcommittee recommendations are then voted upon by the full Board of Trustees and carried by majority vote. [A sponsoring Trustee provides background information but abstains from voting.]

Beneficiaries’ financial statements and need levels are audited on a rotating [random] basis. As long as they satisfy The Association’s objective criteria, beneficiaries continue to be sponsored by The Association. Even if the need for financial assistance disappears, The Association continues its communications with the beneficiary.