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About Us

Many have said that education is a way out – of a bad neighborhood or bad circumstances. At Middle Passage, we know that education is a way in! A way in to creating vibrant, sustainable communities.

We're talking about a transformative education with rigorous, stimulating academics in a school that functions to revitalize, anchor and help community heal.

Middle Passage students engage in culturally and community responsive instruction guided by teachers who understand and appreciate students' culture and who form caring, supportive relationships with them.

Because Middle Passage teachers understand the importance of making connections between academic content and students' cultural perspectives, they maximize students' understanding and encourage them to construct meaning based on their unique experiences.

Our "Living Curriculum" (one that upends the "hidden curriculum") is a an integrated Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum centered on the study of sustainable economics and a sustainable coexistence between the plant animal and human kingdoms. In upending the hidden curriculum, we'll help students understand how political, economic and social hierarchies are formed and maintained over time and thus, we'll give them an understanding of where power lies and their relationship to it.

Despite belonging to historically oppressed racial groups, it is our hope that Middle Passage students will gain a sense of their significance and power and become self-determined agents courageous enough to defy society's expectations for them while boldly charting a course of their own choosing.

At Middle Passage, Families, Teachers and Community Members work together to help students become self-determined, critical thinkers and problem solvers poised for a lifetime of success and achievement!

We make this commitment because we know that every child has something special to give to our world. Our goal is to nurture and grow children who care about their communities – future social entrepreneurs and global leaders committed to leaving the world they've inherited better for their children and their children's children.