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About Us

New Playwrights Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable, educational foundation formed in 1969 to supports the arts through free seminars and conferences, and most significantly, by assisting talented emerging writers and filmmakers in producing their plays and motion pictures.

The foundation has been helping artists for nearly thirty years, and through its many programs and productions, has successfully launched the careers of many young writers. When New Playwrights Foundation began its work, the government strongly recognized the important role artists play in raising the quality of life for all of us. Government funding was readily available for serious talented artists who might not otherwise have a chance to develop. Over the years, that funding has eroded. Through government cut backs, the National Endowment For The Arts and National Endowment for The Humanities have been stripped bare.

These days, there is an urgent need for private sector support to maintain the quality of artistic achievement our country has generated for generations. Consequently, New Playwrights Foundation is proud to sponsor the activities of VM Productions and bring to life our very special movie Project. Once completed, the Project and accompanying educational material - being a cultural event in its own right - will serve as an artistic and educational catalyst to keep the great classic authors present to an entirely new generation.