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RRC (Reynoldstown Revitalization Corporation) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 with the mission to revitalize the Reynoldstown community economically, physically, socially and spiritually. Reynoldstown is one of the oldest African-American neighborhoods in Atlanta and was established when former slaves migrated to the area to find employment after the Civil War. The 55-year-old neighborhood association remains in existence as a civic affairs and community advocacy organization and continues to work closely with RRC. The annual Wheelbarrow Summer Theatre Festival (WBST) is collaborative celebration of community heritage and leadership through performance, art, and resident-driven activities. For more WBST info only visit reynoldstown.net. PROGRAMS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: RRC currently has four primary business lines: housing development (home rehabilitation, affordable housing development); property management (affordable rental units and townhomes); community building (resident leadership, outreach, volunteer projects); and the HomeOwnership Center (homebuyer education, counseling, and other services). VISION STATEMENT: The RRC way is a unique, holistic approach to community development that supports residents as well as the physical and spiritual components of community. The RRC way creates vibrant, diverse communities that serve as models nationally and internationally.

MISSISON STATEMENT: RRC’s mission is to strengthen communities through knowledge sharing, community building, housing and economic opportunities. Residents are the center of our efforts to accomplish sustainable community goals. TARGET POPULATION AND SERVICE AREA: RRC has traditionally targeted the Reynoldstown community, which is located in the 56th Georgia Legislative District and the 5th Council District that is a part of Neighborhood Planning Unit “N” in Atlanta Georgia. These communities are comprised of 32,490 residents. Of this population, 46.9% are male and 53.1% are female. African Americans comprise 79.5 %, Whites comprise 17.4% and other races comprise 3.1% of the community. Of the 11,545 family households in this area, 29.5% are female heads of households with 15.9% of these households with children under age 18 years. With a per-capita income of $26,857 and an unemployment rate of 28%, approximately 25.8% are below the poverty level (source: 2000 Census Bureau). These statistics place the community of Reynoldstown among the lowest in income and employment in the Atlanta area.