Progressive Dane

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PO Box 1222
United States

About Us

Progressive Dane is an independent progressive political party active in the city of Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin. We believe that the social, economic, and political progress of the United States requires a democratic revolution – the return of power to ordinary people. Our basic purpose is to make democracy work for everyone. We are for family supporting jobs; a clean environment; an inclusive society; and fairness, openness, and accountability in political institutions.

We work to enact policies that reflect these values by educating the public about issues; advocating for issues through citizen pressure, visibility, and direct action; getting people involved in the political process; recruiting and running candidates for office; and working with our elected officials after election day.

Our strong base of active members and our excellent electoral record shows that our ideals and policies reflect majority sentiment. With the participation of our members, we have helped elect progressives to the school board, city council, and the county board. We have made sure that progressive views are consistently articulated during policy debates. And we have worked with our elected officials to secure many policy victories, including passage of living wage ordinances in the City of Madison and Dane County.