The Medical Amnesty Initiative

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About Us

The Medical Amnesty Initiative is a non-profit organization advocating for the introduction and passage of Medical Amnesty (Good Samaritan, 911 Lifeline, etc.) legislation throughout the United States.

Medical Amnesty legislation saves lives.

Each year, thousands of young people tragically lose their lives to alcohol poisoning and other alcohol related unintentional injuries. In situations where a minor is in need of emergency medial attention, studies show the worry is more about getting in to trouble and receiving a Minor in Possession of alcohol (MIP) ticket, instead of the well being of that person. As a result, lives are put at risk.

Medical Amnesty legislation can eliminate these common fears by guaranteeing amnesty to those underage and intoxicated individuals who make with contact emergency personnel for themselves, or another individual, who are in need of immediate medical attention.