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About Us

New York Italians is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and celebrating the rich culture and heritage of Italy and its people through outstanding cultural events and culinary programs, language classes, educational lectures and charities.

In establishing closer cultural relations between the United States and Italy, we pledge to create a stronger face-to-face community to preserve Italian heritage and strengthen the common thread between the Italian and Italian-American populations.

The New York Italians Mission includes:

ŸEncouraging the study of Italian language and culture in America

Ÿ Preserving Italian and Italian American traditions, culture, history

Ÿ Promoting closer cultural relations between the United States and Italy

ŸEducational programs and scholarships

Ÿ Grants for cultural preservation and advancement

Ÿ Engage the community in innovative programs and advocacy issues

ŸCultivate partnerships with academia

Ÿ Medical research

Ÿ Disaster relief

ŸOther Special Projects

New York Italians is organized for the purpose of providing a benefit to society as a whole, developing opportunities for our members, advancing US – Italy business, offering internships for younger members and networking events for professionals.

We are committed to honor those that came before us by ensuring that their love and enthusiasm for our culture is passed to our children and all future generations.