Jinja Nile Brass Band

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Iganga road

About Us

Jinja Nile Brass Band is a socilal community project that was formed to help the disavantage youth whose life and future seem to be loosing hope and meaning. we do believe in a second chance.

we do reach out to the brocken hearted children encourage them and help them in develop their talents in the untried circle of life. we do teach them skills in Music, and there after as the band is hired out we are able to receive money for thier Tution.

this has both bosy and girls and the total is 80. we have also encouraged those that can stand with us to come both with in an outside the country, to pray, encourage, advise,bless the children even, shape the future for even on child through education, volunteers, those that can come and pass skills, thes that can help us develop our land and have pamanent structures, those that can offer second hand Brass band instruments.

we are also commited to adding value to music in Africa.

stretch a hand of partnering with us to enable us achieve our goald

we re fully registered and operating in Uganda