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About Us

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust was established in 2008 when the first project – Lilongwe Wildlife Centre – opened as a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and education facility. Since then, the Trust has grown into a world-renowned, award-winning organisation that focuses on four key areas: wildlife rescue and welfare, wildlife law enforcement, education and advocacy and research.

Our mission is to protect Malawi’s wildlife by helping wild animals in need, combating wildlife crime and empowering the guardians of the wild. We're working towards a future where every wild animal in Malawi is free from human-inflicted suffering. Our wildlife rescue and welfare mission is therefore to work with local government and like-minded organisations to deliver rescue and rehabilitation initiatives that uphold and promote wildlife welfare and conservation.  

The award-winning Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is Malawi's only wildlife sanctuary and is renowned for its high welfare standards - it is the only sanctuary in the world to receive all three accreditations from GFAS, PASA and the Born Free Foundation's PAW scheme. International volunteers are integral to the Wildlife Centre's work.