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About Us

Soliya is a global non-profit headquartered in New York, that combines best practices for constructive

dialogue with innovative use of new media technologies to shift the way societies resolve their

differences from a confrontational & coercive approach to one defined by cooperation & compassion.

Soliya aims to develop a diverse and global community of young adults who individually and collectively

use new media and communication technologies to promote understanding and empathy within and

between their societies. Our mission is global, but our current focus is on strengthening relationships

and fostering cooperation between youth from Western and predominantly Muslim societies.

Soliya's Connect Program is a unique cross-cultural virtual exchange program that directly connects

university students in North America, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia using a web-based

videoconferencing application. Guided by Soliya-trained volunteer facilitators, participating students

collaboratively explore issues that currently divide Western and predominantly Muslim societies by

engaging in intensive, structured dialogue, and creating videos and other projects addressing relevant

themes. Volunteers and alumni from the Connect Program also form the foundation for the Soliya

Community, a vibrant and global network designed to inspire and empower a community of young

people to promote cross-cultural understanding in their societies.

In the last fifteen years, Soliya’s Connect Program has gone from being the idea of two young social

entrepreneurs with backgrounds in new media and conflict resolution to an established program

implemented at over 180 universities in 30 countries, connecting thousands of students worldwide.