Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development

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About Us

Building on in-country experience from more than two decades, the Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID) adopts an innovative and holistic approach to improving the livelihoods of some of Asia’s poorest communities. Through linking natural resources management, governance and social protection in our research for development and applying a truly bottom-up approach, involving beneficiaries at each and every step, we target linkages and complementarities. In this way, we aim at ensuring that people are equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue the process of development themselves, thereby contributing to long-term sustainability.

Where we workMIID focus on rural Myanmar where 70% of the people live, specializing in upland regions with high proportions of ethnic minorities. These communities, suffering from decades of civil conflicts are dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods, with high levels of vulnerability to climate change, environmental degradation, food insecurity and lack of social protection. At the same time, responsibility for managing these issues is a new concept for them. By targeting these communities, in particular their self-management and governance capacities, MIID address the core structural issues in these communities.