NC Children's Victim Center

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P.O. Box 21141
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About Us


NC Children's Victim Center is dedicated to protecting and serving ALL children and teens in OUR community. NC Children's Victim Center will share the tools that is needed to shelter the children from harm.


  • To protect, educate and help eliminate the crime amongst the children within the county.
  • To inform the children and families about the resources that are available to them.
  • To provide awareness
  • To assist Social Service, Law Enforcements, and other Local Federal and State agencies with developing an evidence based program that will help our at-risk children and teens in many ways.
  • To provide loyalty, dedication, and confidence to ALL children and their families.

Services Offered:

  1. Child Therapy and Family Counseling
  2. Y.E.S.S Outreach (Young Exploited Sex Survivors)
  3. Supervised Visitation
  4. Teen2Teen Support Group
  5. Professional Child Abuse Awareness Training
  6. Rainbow Room Donation for Foster Care Children within DSS