Oak Park Regional Housing Center

  • IL


1041 South Boulevard
Oak Park
United States

About Us

The Oak Park Regional Housing Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to achieve meaningful and lasting diversity in Oak Park and the surrounding communities including both the neighborhood of Austin and the Village of Forest Park. The Housing Center works to promote and sustain diverse communities through proactive programs that leverage individual actions to affect structural change.

Housing is the fundamental structure of opportunity. Fair housing drives diverse schools, social networks, encourages citizen participation, and enables access to employment, transportation, health services, child care, and other local resources. OPRHC directly impacts Oak Park and the region in the following areas:

  • Expand housing options for people of all races
  • Assist building owners to keep buildings attractive and marketable
  • Ensure strong demand for Oak Park housing by marketing to home seekers around throughout the region
  • Provide free rental service to more than 5,000 apartment seekers annually, supporting racial diversity
  • The Housing Center is a model and resource for other communities striving to achieve racial diversity