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About Us

Goals of The Akha Heritage Foundation:

Material and Aministrative Assistance to the Akha People.

Protection of the traditional culture, reduction of infant mortality, and advocacy for human rights of the Akha Hill Tribe in Thailand.

The Akha live in a border region of Thailand effected by war, drug running, human slave traffick while struggling to keep their communities alive, spread over many villages and mountain regions connected by bad roads often only accessible by modified four wheel drive.

Though volunteers come to the organization to assist, as one person I continue to organize and deliver services to the Akha communty for many years. Successes now demand that I find greater administrative assistance and fundraising support as well as support for specific projects requiring expertise in those areas.

The work is RESULTS BASED meaning that I set objectives and my emphasis is on getting these done.

People who work with the organization are expected to bring ideas, planned actions to get results, and the means to achieve those results be it funds or other resources.

I have succeeded in gaining large changes in attitude with the Thai police, Thai army, have gained world recognition for the Akha as an embattled tribe and gotten specific incidents listed with Amnesty International as major human rights concerns in Thailand to the benefit not just of the Akha but all people in Thailand.

Organization set up and strategy allows me to change focus and respond to a need within hours and bring all of our limited resources to bear on that situation in whatever Akha village it is.

Creation of an advisory board will also be of help to volunteers.

The right individuals can experience hands on success in a dynamic project over a wide range of service goals.