Health Development Initiative-Rwanda (HDI)




About Us

Our Mission Our mission is to organize and promote community-based health care development in Rwanda. We work to build sustainable alliances between the community and professional health care providers, as well as to train local practitioners in reproductive health and family planning, so that they can better educate and serve their communities. By improving the availability of trained personnel and the quality of health care, we hope to encourage women and their families to seek trained medical services and thus improve quality of life. Thus, we seek to bridge the inequalities in health care existing in our community through education and improved health care opportunities at the local level. Our Vision A healthy society, in which medical care is accessible to all communities regardless of socioeconomic level. A society in which women and their families are educated and informed about reproductive health, family planning, and newborn care, and one in which preventable disease no longer threatens lives. Objectives 1. Empowering & strengthening the capacities of young people interested in serving disadvantaged communities by creating a sustainable volunteer program for health care professionals 2. Promoting primary health care and safe motherhood by training existing healthcare providers and community health workers. 3. To educate primary and secondary school students about reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS and STIs, and drug and alcohol awareness. 4. Contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and other infectious diseases by creating awareness, educating children, empowering local healthcare workers, and advocating for affordable healthcare services