We Power: Women's Electorial Power


32 Ben Yehuda St
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Tel Aviv


About Us

Women’s Electoral Power is a non-profit, non-partisan organization (No. 58-035-792-9) that promotes women’s leadership in Israel. We Power was established in 2000, by a group of concerned women, who are unified by one goal: to empower women to take an active role in leadership at the local and national levels, and to help women achieve parity at all levels of politics, policy and decision making.

The Organization was established to act as an agent of change to fulfill the promise of equality for women by supporting women of talent in the arena of Israeli public political life. The Organization is not affiliated with any political party and is committed to assist worthy candidates who meet objective professional criteria without regard to political affinity.

The Organization will work to change pre-conceived attitudes of Israeli society by increasing the understanding of the need for equal participation of women in key positions in local and national government. The Organization will also advocate a greater participation of women in all electoral processes.

Objectives: -To raise public awareness of the importance of citizens' participation in the democratic process in general and that of women in particular in the national and municipal elections. -To encourage all women to become registered members of the political party of their choice. -To identify women leaders and encourage them to run for local and national offices. -To enact the affirmative action law promoting equal representation of women in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament).

We Power's objectives are promoted through 3 main areas:

Empowerment: -Organizing women's forums at the grassroots level throughout the country, in order to create a national network.

Education: -Developing and implementing a "Gender Equality, Politics, and Civil Participation" program at high schools using the debate methodology. -Lobbyist Training Program: Organizing and conducting a training program for women interested in becoming lobbyists. -Women's Leadership Training Program: Organizing and conducting workshops, seminars, and conferences to train and promote women's leadership.

Legislation: -The organization has lobbied successfully in spearheading campaigns to pass legislation ensuring the equal representation of women in the Knesset. -Lobby political parties to practice a policy of equal representation for women.