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We at SRM Public School, Lucknow, India strive to provide each child a progressive education in a safe, supportive, stimulating and nurturing environment to promote excellence in learning and sound values. All children inherently love to learn and have within themselves a special inherent quality and potential, hidden and dormant, waiting to blossom into a beautiful flower to its maturity (blossom into skilled, socially responsible, independent adults, ready to take their special place in the world and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society).


The work is challenging, creative and meaningful and there is democracy around and every passing day and moment educators re-live their childhood here with energy and enthusiasm in a child friendly atmosphere. It is a place where we understand the real meaning of the word education and the real purpose of life. There is life in the classrooms and we follow very active learning methods as compared to passive ones and we look for all possible opportunities to get out of classroom exposure. This is the essence of our being and this can never be distorted or deteriorated in meaning or form.


We try our best to realize our true potential and to bring out our creativity in every aspects of our life here at school, be it music, dance, theatre, art, sports, academics, relating to each other or any other areas to lead a healthy, balanced and meaningful life. To realize this, we expose ourselves to varied experiences through a variety of processes, workshops conducted at school by professionals from all around India, volunteers from India and abroad, training workshops organized at varied organizations in India, exposure visits to culturally rich environments, through internet or library resources and in house discussions.


Vision: To nurture a just, equitable and humane environment for educators, staff and children to experience harmony, wholeness, truth and beauty in life, to help establish a peaceful democratic society, where every individual thrives in goodness and experiences one’s full potential as a human being.

Mission: To work as a team to bring about holistic education, encouraging educators, staff and children to think and express freely without fear, be creative, act with great wisdom and discipline, foster a harmonious environment and contribute in School and immediate community as responsible beings.


What the School would like to achieve in 5 years time from now:

1.    Strengthen the curriculum by incorporating action plans leading to social & environmental responsibility, which creates an opportunity for the students, educators & parents to bring changes in themselves and the immediate community.


2.    Initially establish a Teachers’ training institute in a very small scale, with a view to induct local teachers into the school and thus generate employment and awareness. Identify potential candidates, train them and increase the human resource of the town.


3.    Start an English training Institute parallel to the Teacher Training Institute, again at a very small scale initially and later on turn this into a discussion and action forum for the youth of Dhampur and nearby villages. It can be turned into a club/association for various activities.

4.    Build a team of self motivated teachers, who would work on their own and come up with innovative and creative ideas to improve the school and community.


5.    Build a pool of resource people to associate with the growth of the school. Identify non commercial people in the field of yoga, meditation, art, music, dance, drama, sports, academics etc and invite them to enrich the lives of students, teachers, parents and the community at large when needed.


6.    Network with NGOs to work on community development projects, with the school teachers, students and other local people as representatives.



7.    Try and bring about some changes in the mind set of people to look at education as a serious affair for boys and girls and also to understand the effectiveness of child centered methodology along with inquiry, thematic and project based learning. Bring about gender sensitivity and equality.


8.    Promote reading culture in society and havemobile library for nearby community and students.


9.    Use art & culture for developing aesthetic and creative approach for social issues by setting up a post school learning center.

10.  Develop an active students’ parliament and thus move towards establishing a democratic school.


What the School would like to achieve in 10 years time from now:


1.    Establish a model School and invite educationists and others interested to learn, take up research and share resources.

2.    Support two neighborhood schools for improvement in quality of education, which includes regular teacher training program and workshops and support in the form of School Audits.


3.  Study and understand issues in the nearby villages related to education, gender, caste/class, political affiliations, culture, employment generation, downtrodden/poor, social factors. Identify any emerging trends in education and employment.

4.    Involve the staff of the Sugar mill in the education process of the school and in community development in some way or the other by gaining their good will. Also involve the parents in the education process.


5.    Study the feasibility of opening schools on a PPP model at other places of interest and slowly plan the process, capitalizing on the success gained at Lucknow. Meet potential teachers there and set a forum for interested stake holders.

Interns/Volunteers invited:

In the field of English Language teaching, English communication, Music, Dance, Sports & games, Theatre, Art and Craft, Remedial teaching, Inclusive education, Science working models, Active leaning methods, Activity based learning, Project based learning, Thematic learning, Special education, Skills/work education, Life skills education, Psychological counseling, Meditation/Yoga, Organic farming, Gardening, Environment education, Leadership training, Sustainable living, Social work/ Rural development (community, action & service), Teacher training etc. In the process, we would like to give potential volunteers from all over the world a safe and rich platform to pursue their interest and learn from diverse communities and cultures in villages and rural India.

Qualification requirements:

Fairly good English communication skills(written and spoken), expertise in one field mentioned above, good interpersonal relationships, ability to multitask in varied fields and adapt to the Indian culture.

Amenities provided:

Accommodation, monthly stipend, Breakfast, lunch & Dinner at School on all working days, harmonious family atmosphere & transportation to/from the airport on arrival and final departure, local transportation in the town once in a week, medical facilities available at School and a rich cultural experience.

For more information please contact: Rajesh Ranjit, Principal, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School, Near Indira canal, Faizabad Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-227105, on WhatsApp: +91-9586763774 or Mobile phone: +91-7651974890 or email:

We at SRM Public School, Lucknow, India strive to provide each child a progressive education in a safe, supportive, stimulating and nurturing environment to promote excellence in learning and sound values. All children inherently love to…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education


  • Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Public School
    Near Indira Canal, Faizabad Road, Lucknow
    Lucknow 227105

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