Young Crusaders/ Young Haitian Scholars

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Rockville Centre

United States

About Us

The Young Crusaders and Young Haitian Scholars have teamed up in hopes to be an inspiration to the youth while giving back to the community and helping those in need.

Young Crusaders aims to help spread the gospel of Christ through our performances and charitable giving. We believe that creating a safe and fun place for young adults to do the will of the Lord is a blessing within itself. Our goal is to continue with our endeavors and be an example to any youth who is struggling with any facet of his/her life. 

Young Haitian Scholars focuses to improve the quality of education in Haiti by implementing co-curricular programs that encourage skill development, provide internships, tutoring and counseling for the country’s youth. We also focus on providing health education to encourage better hygiene, nutrition and prevent diseases.

Together we hope to establish solid relationships within our communities and create an environment that strives to improve and support those that are looking for a helping hand.