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About Us

Educate78 is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2015 to ensure that every child in Oakland’s 78 square miles, regardless of income, race, neighborhood, or background, receives a world class public education. Although Oakland’s public school system has improved over the past twenty years, too many of our students are still poorly served: fewer than 20% of our city’s most vulnerable learners attend schools that are rated high quality on the state’s dashboard.

Educate78 believes that Oakland has the potential to become a national model of a vibrant, modern, and high performing public school system, if organizations and leaders across the city collaborate to find creative solutions to the historically intractable challenges facing Oakland students and schools. Through strategic initiatives, grant-making and coalition work, Educate78 helps develop excellent schools, cultivates education leaders, and engages families to advocate for policies that increase equity and school quality.