Mount Hope Housing Company, Inc.

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2003-05 Walton Avenue
United States

About Us

Housed in the South Bronx, the Mount Hope Housing Company is a 501 (c)(3) community development corporation with affordable housing expertise at its beginnings and a strong track record of multifaceted service delivery. The forward-thinking mission of Mount Hope is to develop, educate, and empower community residents while invigorating and investing in neighborhood infrastructure and physical space. With $100 million already invested in its neighborhoods, Mount Hope has provided housing and services that have created independence and opportunities for Bronx families for over 17 years. Created, led, and driven by community interests, Mount Hope has responded to the needs of a challenged community through initiatives for the area's families. Mount Hope offers job training and placement services, after-school, and day-long youth development programs, community-wide recreational events, case management and referral services for tenants, and asset-building programs for families. Each of these programs lends to our vision of a stable community composed of families with a matrix of opportunities for employment, decent housing, education, and wealth building and is enhanced by an extensive history of collaborative partnerships that reflect years of development and innovation with other organizations committed to serving the New York community. Through a rich combination of housing and localized services, Mount Hope endeavors to be a premier organization in community development leading the Bronx in tools and techniques that foster community growth.