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We believe that- --- So long as there is a single child who has failed to obtain the precise educational treatment his/her individuality requires;

--- so long as there is a single child who goes hungry, has nowhere to play, fails to receive the medical attention he/she needs;

--- so long as the nation fails to train and provide scope for every atom of outstanding ability it can find;

--- so long as there are administrators and teachers who feel no sense of responsibility and mission, who cannot administer and who cannot teach;

---the system remains incomplete.---

Hence, our efforts and endeavors in order to lead towards completeness...

Nepal is an Asian country lying between two giant countries India and China. This Himalayan Kingdom has been gifted by the most beautiful and extraordinarily attractive geographical and topographical landscape. The picturesque and the most loving view of the Mother Nature has been boon for the country, even in the absence of lofty artificial developments. Ours is the highest land of the world - The Mount Everest and most of the other highest peaks of the world ranging above the height of eight thousand meters giving rise to the Himalayan Rivers - most adventurous for sports. It is rich in biodiversity – Flora and Fauna as well. The words are ever too limited to express the beauty and its attraction, since it is really a feeling of the heart entering through one's vision.

The nation deserves to take the pride of having unique, and indeed, very rich Eastern cultural and historical background. One may be fortunate to have an opportunity to be welcomed by very innocent people, in the remote areas, whose mind still remains unstained, noble and pure even in this unprincipled world of dishonesty, violence and corruption. One can experience total satisfaction to receive warm hospitality, cordiality and friendliness that evolve directly from within the heart of the people.

This is the birthplace of Lord Buddha whose ever-eternal doctrine and message of non-violence and peace has become more meaningful and significant in the present context.

However, an overwhelming majority of Nepal's population has been characterized to be in the category of absolute poor who are actually ultra poor and are hardly able to afford to spend a small fraction of their income on anything else than their food, while almost nil on health and education. Their income level does not suffice for meeting other needs or other factors of basic standard and minimal requirements of life, such as, nutrition, health services and sanitation, access to clean drinking water, access to basic education and access to or control over land and other productive resources.

In our country Nepal, the status of women as compared to men is worse and faces an alarming situation. It is really pity that the women in Nepal still continue to have less access to or control over education and training, land and other productive resources, financial services, credits, and various other inputs. They are the victims of social evils like torture by husband, giving a big amount of dowry at the time of their marriage, very low age of marriage, bondage to live within the premises of certain house or to participate in social or economic activities and the like. They have the least of the share of the family income.

Hence, DRF/NEPAL wishes and thus carries out its programs and activities in order to lead a fraction of our social system towards completeness, sustainability and self-reliance through various well-designed set of educational and economic development projects accompanied with social welfare activities specially for the women of the most disadvantaged and underprivileged communities of Nepal. SORDEP assumes that this could be a step forward in the way to make the whole system complete, by:

--- Help the people of these communities acquire the basic educational standard through our Formal and Non-Formal Education Programs;

--- Assist them in uplifting their economic status through a varieties of Income Generation and related programs and activities and Self-Employment Generating Schemes;

--- Assist them in various Skill Development Programs and Activities;

--- Thus helping them promote their overall standard of living and assisting them in their pursuit of attaining a respectful social life and having ample opportunities towards living as true human beings.

Any individual or organization or philanthropic institution interested these poorest of the poor are invited to contact us.

We believe that- --- So long as there is a single child who has failed to obtain the precise educational treatment his/her individuality requires;

--- so long as there is a single child who goes hungry, has nowhere to play, fails to receive the medical…

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