Good News Corps

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About Us

Good News Corps is a unique program of International Youth Fellowship (IYF) that provides first-hand experience of foreign cultures and an opportunity to plant the heart of God in those with little or no hope in life. There is nothing greater than young men and women spending an entire year with a pure heart to live for others, especially when they previously cared only about their own plans and self-satisfaction.

As these young people spend their year living in foreign countries, they:

- Solidify a true understanding and appreciation for foreign culture

- Establish a network of global relationships

- Excavate an array of skills that, in turn, shed light on new directions for their future

- Develop a deepness of spirit through fellowship with God

Whether its Africa, Russia, or even South America, the real hardships are not diseases, living discomfort, or the inability to communicate. The most painful thing the Good News Corps overseas volunteers experience is leaving behind these special places that helped create lasting memories in their hearts. Although they embarked on their missions thinking about how much they could contribute, they ultimately received so much more than they gave. Good News Corps overseas volunteers now live their lives to: "Exchange your Youth for their Hearts"