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About Us

Educare is a state-of-the-art, full-day, year-round school that serves at-risk children from birth to five years. Building on the program foundations of Early Head Start and Head Start, Educare promotes school readiness by implementing effective programming aimed at preventing the development of an achievement gap in the early years. Each Educare is part of the Educare Learning Network, a national initiative that serves as a platform for broader change, inspiring high-quality programs in communities, improving public policies within each state, and demonstrating a comprehensive approach to the first five years of life and learning. As part of the Educare initiative, each school is a highly visible program that is host to a wide variety of visitors. The Educare model draws on a unique blend of private and public dollars, including child care, Early Head Start, Head Start, and other state and local education funding streams. For more information about the Educare model and the Educare Learning Network, please visit our website.