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About Us

The Real Uganda places foreign volunteers with small NGOs and schools around Mukono District, Uganda. Through our volunteer placement program, we aim to build the capacities of local organizations and raise awareness around the world about the successes and challenges of life in Uganda. 

We offer a safe and family-like environment in which to come to Uganda and give your time. We offer pre-arrival support by answering your questions about Uganda and by finding an organization that best fits your skills and interests. We can also connect you to former and current volunteers working with us. We offer in-country assistance by collecting you from the airport, getting you to your placement, and unraveling some of the more complicated cultural issues you face when entering Uganda for the first time. It is not easy to come to a completely foreign culture on your own. We want to be there to give you encouragement, advice, and support in order for you to be most effective while you are here.

We have placed over 1,000 international volunteers in south central Uganda since 2005. We work with over 15 local schools and community based organizations. All our partner programs are led by Ugandans. All our volunteers work alongside Ugandans and are fully immersed in Ugandan culture.

Our other achievements in our 10 years of operation include:

Bought a bodaboda motorcycle for Uganda Skateboard Union in 2006

Sponsored 1 man through a university degree, sponsored 8 students through "O" level education

Purchased over 30 mattresses and blankets for Jim Education Centre in 2006

Currently support a handicraft program to benefit five local women’s groups, which has jewelry, handbags, and other handicrafts for sale to volunteers and a t-shirt program that benefits another women’s organization since 2007.

Currently fund a hot lunch program for Nalusse Primary School since 2008

Built a goat farm for Johnson Nkosi Primary School in 2010

Built a piggery for Passionate Child and Elderly Care in 2010

Given away 8 pregnant cows to a women's group in Kitoola, Buikwe from 2011 to 2012

Gave out 9 pigs for 3 community groups in conjunction with Volunteer Support Network in 2012

Built a clinic at Hope for Africa Children's Village in 2013

Built numerous classrooms and staff houses for community based organizations and schools between 2006 and 2015

Sent a community leader on an organic agriculture course in 2014

Purchased 2 plots of land (50'x100') for Christian Heritage Centre in 2014

Help re-useable menstrual pad workshop in Mayindo village, Buikwe in 2014

Gave out seed funds to start a micro-loan program with Hopeline Organization's women's groups in 2014

Built numerous classrooms and staff houses for community based organizations and schools between 2006 and 2015

Bought a car for Hopeline Organization

Bought a bodaboda motorcycle for Volunteer Support Network in 2015

Currently sponsor 6 children in either primary or secondary school