West Suburban Community Pantry

  • IL


6809 Hobson Valley Drive #118
United States

About Us

The West Suburban Community Pantry is dedicated to providing food for the hungry, educating the donor community about existing needs, and supporting advocacy efforts for the hungry. We also work hard to encourage volunteerism and the sharing of resources. The Pantry operates year round serving the residents of DuPage County. The pantry goal is for clients to receive at least 135 pounds of nutritionally balanced food each month, including meat and dairy. Last year, we distributed 1.6 million pounds of food and served 36,535 persons, including 14,247 children and 4,574 seniors. This averages out to about 3,045 people per month. You can learn more about the pantry at www.wcpinc.org or join our Facebook community at www.facebook.com/westsuburbancommunitypantry/.