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About Us

Bee Safe Boulder was founded in 2014 after a series of scientific papers were published discussing the harmful effects of neonicotinoids, a widely-used group of insecticides, on pollinator health. Recognizing the importance of pollinators in the world (they are responsible for one in three bites of food we eat), a group of Boulder-based grassroots citizens canvassed their neighborhood, asking their neighbors to sign a pledge to stop using neonicotinoids and other harmful chemicals in the yards and gardens. The result was inspiring: over 175 households signed the pledge, making the Melody-Catalpa neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado the first "bee safe neighborhood" in the world. From that momentum, Bee Safe Boulder was born.

Bee Safe Boulder's mission is to create cleaner, healthier, and more biologically diverse environments—one neighborhood at a time—that are safe for bees and other pollinators, as well as all life. 

We do this by...

  • Working with local citizens, communities, and organizations to help create Bee Safe Neighborhoods & Communities;
  • Organizing educational pledge campaigns for local businesses asking them to not sell or use neonicotinoids or plant products containing them; and
  • Collaborating with local, regional, and national government and non-government agencies to create an environment that is safe for bees and other pollinators.
While Bee Safe Boulder is based in Boulder, Colorado, we have had significant impacts on communities across the nation- from inspiring bee safe legislation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to advising another group of community members in creating their own bee safe neighborhood in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We will not stop until our entire country is a haven for bees and other pollinators!

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