Cinequest, Inc.

  • California


410 South 1st Street
San Jose
United States

About Us

CINEQUEST is a vanguard organization that fuses creativity with technological innovation to empower, improve, and transform the lives of people and communities worldwide, through Picture the Possibilities, Cinequest Film & VR Festival, and Cinequest Mavericks Studio.

  • Picture the Possibilities by Cinequest empowers global youth with the tools, confidence and inspiration to form and create their dreams from art to science - regardless of their situation and challenges. Picture It. Create It.
  • Cinequest Film Festival showcases premier films, renowned and emerging artists, and breakthrough technology - empowering global connectivity between creators, innovators and audiences.
  • Cinequest Mavericks Studio creates innovative and transformative motion pictures, television and distribution paradigms.

Visit to learn more about the film festival, our vision, and the communities we serve.