Maryland Food Collective

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B0203 Stamp Student Union
University of Maryland
College Park
United States

About Us

The Maryland Food Collective is a democratically owned and operated institution that strives to nourish the community by providing quality food that is highly nutritious and ethically procured. We aspire to cultivate an environment that promotes educated consumption and inspires a deeper sense of community. We are committed to the personal and professional enrichment of our workers and volunteers.

In the 1970's, the University of Maryland motioned to fund the incarnation of a food co-op, a book co-op, and a music co-op. All too soon, the University rescinded their decision and roused many students who were vying for these communities on campus. One group of students was so dedicated to securing healthy food on campus that they set out on their own mission. They sold sandwiches out of baskets. They set up guerrilla sandwich lines at some events, serving up custom sandwiches. The vast positive support from the student body fell short in winning over the support of the University, however. Regardless, the student sandwich group prevailed. At one event, the police attempted to shut down the student sandwich operation, but failed due to the overwhelming crowds enjoying the sandwiches. Finally, the student group received funding from the student government and concession from the University. The co-op was granted space in the Stamp Student Union in late 1975.

The Co-op has seen many generations of workers and reincarnations as a business since 1975, having changed locations twice and expanding into the location where it now lives today. The Co-op features a full industrial kitchen, where we sell our daily hot lunches, sandwiches and other special dishes. The future with bright as we see more and more customers appreciating its niche on campus and dedication to life-long values including democracy, health, ethics and sustainability. If you're interested in finding out more about The Maryland Food Collective, don't hesitate to talk to one of our workers or check out the archives in the Hornbake Library.