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About Us

A Cultural Innovation Accelerator.

Our Core Question: How might we best support the GLAM sector as a space for the inspiration, curation and creation of culture, by, with, and for people?

The MuseWeb Foundation is a new nonprofit offshoot of the international Museums and the Web Conference (MW), which began in 1997. In 2014, Museums and the Web brought more than 600 leaders in cultural innovation to Baltimore for its annual North American conference. For the past 20 years, MW has showcased and documented leading work in the cultural field in a free and open archive of more than 1,000 conference papers. The MuseWeb Foundation was conceived as an accelerator of cultural innovation to help develop and fund some of the most promising projects and initiatives from the conference and the cultural heritage field at large. Connected Cities is the flagship project of the foundation. The MuseWeb Foundation is meant to catalyze transformative projects in galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs), at a speed that keeps pace with innovation, and in partnership with both philanthropic and for-profit stakeholders.

In particular, MuseWeb aims to help cultural organizations and creators build capacity in these areas:
- Innovative organizational culture
- Participatory communities and networks
- An open approach to delivering on mission and civic responsibility
- Sustainable business models
- Strategic partnerships that connect private and public sector eco-systems