Project on Managing the Atom

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About Us

The Project on Managing the Atom (MTA) brings together scholars and practitioners who conduct policy-relevant research on key issues affecting the future of nuclear weapons, the nuclear nonproliferation regime, and nuclear energy—particularly where these futures intersect, for example in the management and protection of fissile material.

Our research is intended for a variety of audiences: experts in nonproliferation, energy, and international politics; policy makers; and the general public. The work of the project appears in publications such as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Arms Control Today, International Security, Foreign Policy, and Science and Global Security. Experts associated with the project also provide opinion pieces and commentary to a wide variety of media, including The New York Times, the Washington Post, National Public Radio, the Newshour with Jim Lehrer, and the major news networks.

Major funding for MTA comes from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). In the past year, additional funding was provided by the Ford Foundation, the Ploughshares Fund, the Carnegie Corporation, and the Belfer Center. The Project is a collaboration between the Belfer Center’s programs on Science, Technology, and Public Policy; International Security; and Environment and Natural Resources.