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Fuoni Secondary School
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About Us

Hello Karibu Sana!

We are a grassroots community-based organisation (CBO) completely run by dedicated local volunteers (18-30 years). We give back to our communities by providing engaging English classes and life skills workshops so that the youth of our area have a stronger chance, than we did, to succeed in school and gain qualifications. Although we gained lots of experience and awareness from a larger NGO (Zanzibar Learning for Life) we decided to leave and set-up an alternative community-based organisation where decision-making is shared, communications are transparent, and where we can work directly with our under-resourced secondary school, Fuoni. Many of us are studying at college or university and in our spare time we give back to our community supporting vulnerable children, some impoverished and/or orphaned, who cannot afford private tuition.

Because our education system changes from Swahili in primary school to English in secondary school so many people fail simply because they cannot access the learning. Currently less than half of the island's students do not make it to A-levels (advanced level). This usually means in Zanzibar, especially in families with low-income, that if you fail your GCSE's at secondary school and are female, you will get married and your education finished at the age of 16. We support children and adults to learn English to reach higher education or find employment in tourism where English is essential. Many of our community are also low in self-esteem and confidence so life skills workshops are a great way to feel prepared for finding a job and networking to create new opportunities for oneself.

We've had very positive experiences with international volunteers before who helped us to use new teaching techniques and become more organised. As well as becoming friends their have been positive intercultural exchanges and valuable two-way language learning. We offer volunteer and internship opportunities as educational and/or project facilitators to support our leadership as teachers or if you like: local education leaders. This is a great opportunity to support a CBO in an exciting infant stage after finally gaining registered status as an official not-for-profit NGO in May 2018.

We are wishing to find passionate and motivated volunteers who wish to support WUZA with increasing its educational impact by capacity building and co-creating effecting teaching techniques that work in our low-resource local setting. We are also looking for willing and well-educated volunteers to co-create two project proposals with us and to also be project facilitators. We wish to start a social-environmental tailor enterprise where we upcycle local and second hand fabrics to create beautiful clothes to sell locally and in the tourist market.

We also wish to start an action research project where we meet and connect with informal teachers who are offering English classes in their neighbourhoods. We hope to promote an local exchange where we can visit each other and also provide a bottom-up teaching programme. There are so many inspiring efforts from ordinary people trying to help each other learn to reach higher education. If we can share best practice and have the resources to meet and learn from each other we have a better chance to grow and flourish. This is how we can Wake Up Zanzibar and create positive change for society.

Thanks for reading. Asante sana.

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