NW Sarcoma Foundation

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P.O. Box 45877
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About Us

The NW Sarcoma Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing education and support to patients and families who are living with this specific cancer. Additionally, we will create and actively participate in the direction of a national alliance with other sarcoma foundations and affiliated groups guiding a coalition among private and public concerns furthering research for a cure of sarcomas. We are devoted and single-minded in our purpose as a change agent in these very important pursuits.

Values Compassion: Provide comfort through a sympathetic awareness.

Advocacy: Promote accurate diagnosis, research and treatment options.

Responsibility: Provide accurate information and reliable resources.


Teach patients, families and health care providers about this disease and its treatment.


We will provide support to patients and families through the NW Sarcoma Foundation Website. We will provide support by creating local networks within Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho. We will provide timely and accurate information regarding research and treatment options.