American Graduate School in Paris: International Relations and Diplomacy

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101, boulevard Raspail

About Us

The American Graduate School in Paris offers U.S. higher education in France to students from around the world. AGS specialises in International Relations and Diplomacy, preparing for careers in intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, government, or other fields of international affairs.

Programs include a US-accredited Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy (accredited in the US in partnership with Arcadia University, PA), a Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy, and specialized certificate programs: NGO management, African Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, European Studies, Asian Studies.

Students in the Master's program have the opportunity to follow a dual degree track and earn a second Master's degree with a partner university in France or the US. Subjects include: Peace and Conflict Resolution; Strategic Negotiations; French and European Union Law.

We also welcome graduate students and undergraduate students (Junior or Senior) who wish to study abroad in Paris for a semester or a year, and credit back their courses to their home institution.

Programs at AGS are based on the American system of higher education while incorporating the cultural and institutional resources of France and Europe.

AGS aims at the highest academic standards while maintaining small class sizes and providing individual attention to each student.

At the heart of its mission, AGS values cultural diversity. By drawing its faculty and students from different countries, AGS sheds a multi-cultural perspective on the disciplines taught and fosters mutual understanding of different cultures.