Tekera Resource Centre

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PO Box 960
Tekera Villiage


About Us

Tekera Resource Centre (TRC) is a grass-roots Ugandan registered NGO, founded in 2005. TRC is located 20km from Masaka Town (in south mid-west Uganda), and is home to 20 Ugandan staff, 4 Ugandan Managers, and one international On-Site Director who all live at the project.

The Goals of TRC are to provide high-quality health and education services; to encourage community development; and to foster local skills and co-operative groups.

TRC’s Programme Include:

  • a Level 2 Health Clinic with dental and counselling services;
  • a Medical Outreach Programme;
  • TekeraPrimary Schoolwith about 400 pupils;
  • a Community and Cooperative farm
  • a “Work to Earn” programme;
  • a Women’s Craft Club with micro loans from profits of craft sales.
  • and volunteer opportunities

TRC believes in a “Hand-up” v.s “Hand-out” approach. As such none of the services at the centre are free, including healthcare and education.

What makes TRC unique is their “work to earn” program, whereby, TRC has created a false currency called the “Tekera peso”. Those who do not have the means to pay in shillings can earn pesos by working in our community garden to pay for their services.

Currently TRC is now accepting applications for volunteers/interns. Should you be interested please contact us at: ugandavillage@yahoo.com