21 Reasons, a project of Medical Care Development

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About Us

21 Reasons brings together coalition of community members, organizations, and businesses with a common goal: to build a healthy community environment with policies, practices, and attitudes that support the drug-free development of all youth.

21 Reasons is based on a collaborative model for community-level change. Our committees and action teams are supported by a broad base of community volunteers and organizational representatives. Our work focuses on changing adult attitudes, policies, and practices to make alcohol less available to youth. This strategy has proven results in decreasing youth use of alcohol and other drugs.Partners include law enforcement, schools, government and service agencies, neighborhood associations, businesses, faith organizations, parents, and youth.There are currently more than 150 concerned community members and organizations who are working to build a healthier environment for youth.21 Reasons is a project of Medical Care Development, Inc., a non-profit organization that works to improve public health and well-being.

21 Reasons to prevent underage drinking. What's your reason?