Straight Street Orlando

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About Us

Mission Statement

We exist to bring hope to the hopeless, faith to the faithless and encourage life change from the inside out.

Initial Areas of Focus

For The Blind To See
We have recognized that the success of our mission thus far is primarily due to the commitment of our volunteers who have "it", or want "it". That "it" is a biblical worldview; to see things as they really are and how they should be. This mission is more than just helping the poor; it is also recognizing our own spiritual bankruptcy and becoming serious about living a life for Jesus. We seek members from all denominations and walks of life who are committed to being obedient to Christ and following Him and will consequently be a reflection of that obedience to others through SSO.

For The Sick To Be Healed
Programs and rehabilitation are nothing without Jesus in the mix. We believe there must be healing from the inside out for there to be a successful transition from the street back into the real world. A healthy fear of God is needed for life change, as is knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus. People must realize that Jesus forgives a lot easier than we forgive ourselves. To begin living a life with purpose is the starting point.

For The Lame To Walk

Metaphorically and literally, our friends need to learn to walk again. The homeless we serve feel unwanted and as their feelings of worthlessness and shame are compounded, their hope and faith in God and man dies along with their dignity. They need support and relationships that will not waiver or disappear. We must be willing to selflessly become a part of someone’s life to assist with spiritual growth and societal re-acclimation.