Exodus Place

  • MI


322 Front Ave SW
Grand Rapids
United States

About Us

A facility for once homeless veterans and other men in need where we offer them a hand up, not a hand out to get back on their feet. We give them the support, guidance and tools they need to connect with family members, get over any addiction they may have, find stable employment and eventually find a home of their own.

We offer many programs such as AA and NA, devotions, employment assistance, a work therapy program, a food program and more. We network with over 40 organizations in the community to enure the men have what they need to move forward with life.

We also work with over 14 health organizations to make sure the men get the care they need while they are with us.

We meet the men where they are in life, whether its struggling with addiction, they've lost their job and have no where to go, came from an unfortunate background, or have face other troubled times. We help each resident with their unique situation and treat them with love, compassion and accountability.