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About Us

Founded in 1997, Pasado's Safe Haven's is one of the premier animal rescue and advocacy organizations in the United States, dedicated to ending animal cruelty. Pasado's Safe Haven is the only rescue in Washington State, that employs not one, but TWO full time Animal Cruelty Investigators. Pasado's rescues companion and farm animals from abuse, neglect or abandonment and provides sanctuary for rehabilitation and then adoption, whenever possible. Located on 85 pastoral and wooded acres one-hour northeast of Seattle, Washington, the sanctuary is home to hundreds of animals now living their lives in peace and safety.

In addition to our rescue work, Pasado's Safe Haven strives to save as many animals as possible through our vigorous Spay/Neuter programs in and around Washington. We currently service 3 counties with free or low cost spay/neuter options for families who are homeless, income qualified or on public assistance programs. We utilize two "big rig" mobile spay/neuter stations, as well as a once a month "Spay Day" at the Sancuary.

Pasado's has been instrumental in advocating legislation that will benefit animals by increasing the consequences of abusing animals. Perhaps one of our greatest achievements was when Pasado's helped to pass the "Pasado Law" that was the first law in Washington to make 1st degree animal cruelty a felony offence. This is still the most often used animal cruelty law in the state. Pasado's has also been intrumental in several other major changes to the laws for animals throughout the years.

Pasado's Safe Haven works hard to educate the public about animal cruelty in our own backyards, the factory farming atrocities, the importance of spay/neuter, the connection between animal violence and human violence, and of course the importance of KINDNESS and understanding for our animal friends.

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