Organisation For Strategic Development In Africa

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About Us

Organization for Strategic Development in Africa (OSDA) is a home-grown not-for-profit organization committed to bringing accelerated development to deprived communities in Africa through Education, Capacity Building and Health programmes.

Recognising that innovation and change lies in the heart of our programmes, we strive to help people to become strategic in the face of this contemporary complex world. We resolve to achieve these through cultural exchange, volunteerism and knowledge transfer programmes.

It is our believe that social, political and institutional changes are needed to overcome poverty, inequalities, and to protect the environment and promote technological progress. These can only be achieved through collaborative concerted efforts by all stakeholders.

OSDA continues to adhere to a set of philosophies to stimulate action by:

  • Appreciating the fact that communities and people should be guided to identify their own resources, manage their own actions and be able to marshal and control activities to meet their developmental needs. Indeed this philosophy is akin to the Chinese wise saying, ‘’ teach a man how to fish than providing him fish".
  • Putting mechanism in place to make impoverished communities and women’s voices heard about issues key to their very survival as principal agents for development.
  • Appreciating the intellectual abilities and capacities of our local communities and the people in making decision regarding issues which may directly affect their livelihood.
  • It is our strong belief that women and children are preeminent and suitable agents for positive change and social transformation hence, the need for equitable distribution of resources and opportunity for both men and women towards the development of a just, peaceful and prosperous society.


To be a global humanitarian organisation focused on building a vibrant society through the promotion of education, good health and the development of human capital of the less-privileged in Africa.


Organise the youthful energies through productive activities under voluntary, cultural exchange and knowledge transfer programmes and facilitate the implementation of social intervention projects of needy African communities in collaboration with traditional authorities, Civil Society Organizations, government agencies, corporate businesses and similar groups who share in our vision.