Crossroads Family Center

  • MA


56 Havre St
East Boston
United States

About Us

Crossroads Family Shelter was established in 1985 by the Most Holy Redeemer Parish in East Boston. Since its inception Crossroads has been a home to more than 700 families with over 1500 children.

The shelter houses 14 families with 20-30 children at any given time. It also operated a food pantry.

Crossroads has long served a multi-cultural population in the East Boston and surrounding communities. It maintains close ties with numerous schools, child care centers, housing agencies, and other service providers in the Greater Boston Area.

Crossroads is a full-service program operating 24 hours a day. We are committed to a comprehensive program of specialized services involving a fully licensed clinical social worker, child advocate, food service specialist and food pantry director, and stabilization services. These individuals provide the core program of the shelter and target the many needs of the families who come to live with us.

Crossroads strives to provide a safe, productive, healthy, and respectful environment for families as they transition out of homelessness.