Real Action for International Need (RAIN)

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About Us

Our Mission

Utilizing art as a universal language, RAIN empowers schools in underprivileged communities to: maintain clean water, improve infrastructure, and establish sustainability. RAIN partners with schools both locally and in developing nations to foster a global community of empowered, creative leaders. Our focus is on providing clean water solutions and art experiences, with a dedication to re-empowering indigenous people through building relationships and strengthening schools.

Our Programs

RAIN builds relationships with schools in underprivileged communities by travelling to their international locations and sharing music & art. In conjunction with local community leaders, RAIN facilitates a conversation about sustainability and partners with the locals to create a path of empowerment.

Teams of volunteers travel to schools in developing nations for 7-10 days at a time. The teams implement Action Plans that have been developed by RAIN and the indegenous leaders. Access to clean water is the number one priority. RAIN provides site-specific solutions, utilizing the most appropriate technology available or designing an original solution if necessary.

In New Hampshire, RAIN partners with public schools through the Art Exchange Program. Students create unique art projects which are exchanged with their international peers in a manner similar to "pen pals." The program serves the purposes of empowering students, broadening their global perspective, fostering international relationships, and raising awareness of global issues.

In order to promote long-term sustainability of clean water & other projects, RAIN provides artistic education in the form of student-created curriculum like coloring books, posters, and theatrical performances. We also provide training for local leaders and leave them with mechanical and technical manuals in their own language.

Artists, musicians, performers, teachers, and contractors tend to be among the first to sign up for a travel team. On site, we often fix or build-up the schools' infrastructure during the day and play music at night. Photography, crafting, dance, and puppets are among our most loved methods of teaching lessons, having fun, and making friends.

While clean water is a main priority, RAIN works closely with our beneficiaries to determine and establish long-term sustainability. We employ a holistic approach to breaking the cycle of poverty, and allow ourselves flexibility within our model to provide resources or help in unique ways toward that end.