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About Us

About Arts Every Day

Arts Every Day is proud to be a driving force in building and sustaining a Baltimore City that values public education through creativity, art, and culture. We advocate for and support sequential arts education while working to empower educators as leaders within their school communities. In partnership with the Baltimore City Public Schools, Arts Every Day works to ensure that students have a seat at the opera, feet in the museum and a teaching artist in their classroom. Not only are Baltimore City School students the artists and patrons of tomorrow, they are the leaders and decision makers upon which our city’s future will depend.


Through arts-based learning, we envision that all Baltimore City School communities will serve as centers for innovation, collaboration, and partnership.


Arts Every Day strengthens learning by making arts education and cultural experiences an integral part of classroom instruction for all students.

Serving as a catalyst for creative learning in Baltimore City Public Schools, Arts Every Day builds and sustains long-term partnerships with schools, artists, and cultural institutions while working to connect and empower teachers as leaders within their school communities.