Spring Creek Gardens

  • NY


902 drew street
United States

About Us

Spring Creek Gardens is a 582 unit housing development in Brooklyn, NY. The residients are eligible for affordable housing and some are on Section 8. The property has a fully functioning youth center as well as a senior center where educational, artisitic and social programs are facilitated. Our Mission is to develop and provide residents with positive educational, social and artisitc programming that supports them in being productive, successful, and competitive members of their local and global communities. It's a unique community where building staff and tenants have organized themselves and successfully eliminated crime and litter witihin the property. Still the same educational, economic and social issues that face the East New York Area of Brooklyn affect the residents. The local Elementary, Middle and High Schools attended by the youth of Spring Creek Gardens are in School District 19 which has earned a NYC DOE report card grade of C. The High School Graduation Rate is ay 42% and on avereage only 31% of 2nd-8th graders are promoted to the next grade on time and 91% of students in District 19 are eligible for free lunch.