Norawas de Raramuri/Amigos de Tarahumara/Friends of the Running People

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About Us

These three languages – Rarámuri, Spanish and English - here express the basis and purpose of Norawas de Raramuri, a nonprofit organization working on behalf of the indigenous Running-People of Mexico’s Copper Canyon region. All three express our commitment to friendship and suggest the important alliance and reciprocity of these neighboring cultures.

Based in the USA, Norawas de Rarámuri works to support and reinvigorate an ancient and unique running culture that has endured, under stress, from long before the arrival of Europeans in Central America. We support Rarámuri/Tarahumrara participation in races based in and beyond the Copper Canyon region, as well as related programs created to celebrate and encourage traditional Rarámuri running.

Norawas works to provide maize, seed corn, and cash awards for participating Rarámuri runners, men and women alike. In this way we offer both nutrition during economic and environmental stress and support for a tradition of small farms necessary to both physical and cultural survival.

We hope you too will become a Friend of Running-People.