Dignifica tu Vida, IAP Banco de Ropa, Calzado y Enseres Domésticos

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Mexico city

About Us

Dignifica tu Vida, IAP, is a non profit organization dedicated to collecting clothes, footwear, toys, and household items from donations of private and department stores, with the purpose of distribution, in a dignified manner, to whomever needs them the most: communities in the mid to highest level of poverty in our country and institutions that serve vulnerable populations.

Our operational scheme is based on satisfying the needs of such communities by helping, sharing and committing to their well being by developing projects that make a real impact in the population to which they are directed.

In addition to the distribution of goods, we work directly with the members of diverse communities in the research and awareness of a basic financial literacy, with the purpose of developing knowledge for saving, maximizing revenue and making use of their product and labor. All this while seeking to satisfy immediate needs, as well as planning for a brighter future.