Nkwa Foundation

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About Us

Nkwa Foundation is a fast-growing and dynamic non-profit organization 
that focuses on sustainable community development, health promotion, and rural education support in Cape Coast, Ghana. Founded in 2013, Nkwa works primarily on rural communities in Cape Coast to advocate, empower, and enable communities by providing a variety of opportunities to help sustain livelihoods and the wellbeing of community members. The foundation currently focuses all of its community-based projects in the neighbouring villages in the Central Region, including Breman, Eguafo, and Ponkrom. Recognizing the importance of global collaboration and education, we provide academic internships to inspire and educate students to create change on a global scale.

Nkwa Foundation also offers consultancy services to other non profit organization, private businesses and industry to ensure that systems, regulatory frameworks and individual projects can be designed and managed in ways that achieve community success without compromising the environment or the welfare of local communities.

Nkwa Foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization in the USA.


To support and encourage increased community involvement through innovative community-based projects that will address developmental and environmental concerns within both the local and global sphere, while continuing to be at the forefront of volunteer and internship programs.


To create a better future for local and global communities by providing continual understanding and training of expertise and technological advancement to meet local and global development and environmental challenges, while providing sustained community- based internship projects.

  • To help create public awareness, both locally and globally, of the importance of community work as a social tool
  • To promote sustainable community development wile prioritizing community needs
  • To increase the level of community engagement in our targeted communities and to assist individuals to develop skills and attitudes to empower them to actively participate in solving the problems of their communities, their countries, and the world at large
  • To enable communities to benefit from cultural exchange through teaching and other educational programs

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Health Outreach by Nkwa Foundation in the village of Eguafo, Cape Coast

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Interns working on Nkwa Foundation's organic farm project in Breman, Cape Coast