Stonewall Young Democrats

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7985 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood
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About Us

Stonewall Young Democrats is not just a political organization. We also hold of social events where you can network, discuss politics with like-minded individuals and enjoy being a Young Democrat. Check out our photos for a taste of how great it is to be an SYDer!

The Stonewall Young Democrats was formed after the 2004 primaries, when a group of Dean supporters got together to discuss the future of Democratic politics. We came together united in our belief that we were at the vanguard of something. Even that we were the vanguard of something… The LGBTQ rights movement is the civil rights movement of our generation. Queer youth and our straight allies have been brought together to affect and effect this movement. Beyond that, we united to help build the progressive movement in our country that creates an alternative vision of what we believe in and what we stand for. That coalesces the laundry list of Democratic causes – protecting the environment, civil rights, a just economy, access to healthcare – into a salient and communicable (in both senses) vision. We left that night proud and excited, our spines tingling, with heady dreams of a greater America and a greater Los Angeles.

SYD is a community partner with other groups such as the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DP/SFV), the California Young Democrats, and Young Democrats of America.