Institute for Psychoanalytic Education

  • NY

About Us

The mission of the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education (IPE) is to promote mental health through advanced clinical training, treatment, and scholarship.

 The institute’s primary goals are to:
-        Train dedicated and talented mental health professionals, both locally and internationally, by offering a wide range of psychoanalytically focused education programs. With such training, clinicians can more effectively help patients work through their difficulties so that they may lead healthier, more fulfilling lives;
-        Provide affordable psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to segments of the community that are underserved and  greatly in need of mental health intervention;
-        Educate the mental health community about the enduring efficacy of psychodynamic treatment, through outreach seminars, clinical case conferences and lectures; and
-        Enrich the lives of individuals and communities through lectures and seminars that bring psychoanalytic insights to bear on the conflicts and complexities of human experience.